Application Security

Think of your applications as the things attackers are most likely to attack and build your breach prevention strategy from there.

MOBILE Security

We have a strong consulting experience to help companies like yours overcome hurdles and addressing BYOD security with a completely different approach.

APT Security

Our suite of solutions provides end-end protection against all zero-day and advanced persistent threat there may be.
  • There is more of this to come in 2015 and beyond, and organizations have to organize their defenses with this reality in mind.

    Dave Merkel
  • The sky is not falling. This is the new normal – where money goes, crime follows; where information goes, spies follow.


Security Plus

In our approach to quality application security,we offer four tips for including application security as part of a breach prevention strategy:

  • Review OWASP List
  • Train Developers on Secure Coding
  • Test Apps for Quality Control
  • Tackle Mobile App Threats