The sky is not falling. This is the new normal – where money goes, crime follows; where information goes, spies follow. There is more of this to come in 2015 and beyond, and organizations have to organize their defenses with this reality in mind.


Malware, spear phishing, and the advanced persistent threat (APT) – they all pose significant financial and reputational risks to the enterprise.

Given the pervasiveness of these threats, organizations have much to gain by taking steps to reduce their attack surface. As the line blurs between personal and professional Internet use, the increasing level of unmonitored browsing by employees leaves organizations more exposed than ever to web-based threats.



This involves:


The proliferations of Internet-based applications and their usage on mobile endpoint devices have grown substantially over the years. Today’s enterprise business leaders require IT teams to be more innovative in creating business-enabling security solutions. This means IT teams are no longer just responsible for the availability of the networks and servers, but also for securely enabling their business and having a positive impact on revenues. For example, IT teams need to deploy security solutions that enable Internet-based collaboration and communications tools (including applications such as Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Joinme.com) while retaining even deeper control and visibility over what’s going on across their networks.

Enterprise customers are also looking for new ways to optimize their employees’ productivity and to ensure that their network resources are used for revenue-related business activities. Network bandwidth, storage networks, and application server computing powers are precious resources.

Our suite of solutions provides end-end coverage against all zero-day and advanced persistent threat there may be.


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