Leverage Collection and Recoveries departments to become profit centers!

Our partner’s team of engineers and business consultants has been implementing integrated solutions for collections management for years. Early in this decade a new, sophisticated and integrated approach was introduced offering a rich palette of features and qualities to customers requiring a collections management system.

First of all, this platform offers unparalleled integration capabilities, enabling every collection department to seamlessly integrate with heterogeneous, often remotely located back-office and legacy systems, where the vast amounts of data required for collections are so often hosted.

The platform has been developed on a standards-based, enterprise-class architecture, resulting in a highly configurable, open software system. Its powerful component hierarchy is based on successful design patterns, enabling business analysts to model very efficiently all sorts of business party relationships emerging during collection processes. Whether you run a Collection & Recoveries Department at a Bank or a Call Center / Law Office, our solution is perfectly suited for both in-house and outsourced collections management, while in both cases, it leverages cooperation with the other party!

Our Collections and Recoveries is the most comprehensive solution for streamlined, customer-centric collections management, covering all stages of a customer lifecycle. The Rule-Engine is used to produce triggers at early stages, to impose Pre-collection (proactive) Customer Care, aiming to convert risk to opportunity. This also contains Telemarketing and Lead management whichpipelines customers out of collections for efficient on-the-spot Cross-selling.