Across a wide range of industries, organizations today rely on information technology to reach new customers, enhance business collaboration, increase operational efficiencies, and deliver better services. As they rapidly
expand their use of IT across the enterprise, organizations will continue to realize important benefits. But they also will confront new challenges. Retailers, healthcare providers, financial institutions, manufacturers, utilities, and government agencies need new approaches to enterprise security that can protect the large and growing collection of valuable data assets produced by this IT explosion while enabling those organizations to maintain ownership of their data throughout its lifecycle.

Our data encryption and control solutions focus on data, providing persistent protection of sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, wherever it resides. Information is protected at every moment—when it is created by an employee on a company laptop, shared with a business partner by e-mail, stored in an enterprise database, processed by an application, and accessed by a field employee on a mobile device. Security extends from the data center and cloud-computing environment to desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and removable media. Even if devices are lost, stolen, or misappropriated, data remains protected from all unauthorized users.

We strategically offer comprehensive security to organizations of all sizes. Select solutions that address current needs. Then scale solutions when you add customers and employees, open new stores, and collaborate with new partners, or when you need to protect against new threats or comply with new regulations.